The 2nd BioMaH Conference is an international interdisciplinary forum of major experts in the field of healthcare sciences, contributing in solving challenging problems in medicine.

The second conference edition is designed to facilitate medical doctors, scientists, and professionals in the field in sharing their needs and in discussing possible research solutions, in an international atmosphere, with keynote, oral and poster presentations.

The topics covered are bioactive materials, novel technologies and tissue engineering strategies for:

-Cancer: 3D models for tumour research;

-Cardiovascular system;


-Musculosceletal apparatus / Orthopaedics;

-Spectroscopy based technologies for Clinics;

-Translating biomaterials discoveries to the clinic: are there alternatives to animal models? (debate).

However, the conference also accommodates any topic in biomaterials science research.

October 9th 2018 14.00 – 16.00      

BioMaH 2018: Round Table on the Technology Transfer


A moment devoted to foster a discussion on some aspects of the interaction among Public Research, Industry and Public and Private Investors, in order to start new initiatives of collaboration and investment aimed at further development of research and technologies of possible interest for national and international markets.


Dr. Barbara Angelini

CNR-Technology Transfer Office

Talk title: The tools and methodologies to identify innovation

Dr. Antonio Carbone

APRE, Horizon 2020 National Contact Point 

Talk title: Accelerate the go to market strategy through EU support

Dr. Roberto Del Bosco

Communication Manager and Technology Transfer Officer for M31, one of the first Venture Incubator in Italy

Talk title: Symbols and Transformations of Technology Transfer

Dr. Alessandro Piras

De Tullio & Partners Patent Expert

Talk title: From Lab to market: IP as key driver for technology exploitation